FBI Probes Hacker’s $10 Million Ransom Demand for Stolen Medical Records

The FBI is investigating a $10 million ransom demand by a hacker or hackers who say they have stolen nearly 8.3 million patient records from a Virginia government Web site that tracks prescription drug abuse, an FBI official confirmed Wednesday.

The state police in Virginia are also investigating the possible breach of confidential records.

The FBI official said the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) referred the case to the FBI last week, asking for help.

Asked whether people’s personal information is secure, the official said he couldn’t say.

“I really can’t make a declarative statement as to whether anyone’s information is in jeopardy at this point,” the official said.

Asked whether people have been notified that their information may have been breached, the official said it would be up to VITA to do that.,2933,519187,00.html