Hacktivists change the Global Warming Debate

Unless you have been living under a rock during the past 20 years you know that Man made Global Warming has been a very hot topic (no pun intended 🙂 ).  Recently it seemed that the Pro-Global Warming team had been making the most ground.  As the inventor of the Internet Al Gore put it “The debate is over”..  Is it???

It appears that a group of Hacktivist may have pulled some skeletons out of the closet, for the whole world to see.  A Hacktivist is a Hacker who hacks for a cause.  We have seen many far-leaning ideologue groups around the world, on both sides of the debate, who have employed various attacks against their enemy.  The attacks have included defacing websites, Dos/DDoS, and other destructive attacks.  This attack however was different. 


Hacktivist stole over 4000 documents from  the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Britain, which included over 1000 emails.  Many of these emails were correspondents between high profile Global Warming “Alarmist”, and it seems a few of these emails included some of their deepest secrets such as how to manipulate data to hide discrepancies between their cause and the actual data (There is growing data that Global Warming may have stopped in the late 90s.).  The university has acknowledged the breech and the authenticity of the documents, many of which are available on the internet.

Score one for the Hacktivists it seems,  but what does this mean for the future?  If these really are a smoking gun, which all indications point to yes, then this will definitely embolden others who believe they can expose their opponent’s agenda by breaking the law.     

The lessons to take from this?  Not all malicious attacks are Dollar driven.  Some people will go to extremes to prove a point. And finally, if you want something to be kept a secret do not put it in an email.


– Dave


Link to an article about the attack