“I learned that compliant doesn’t mean you’re secure. hospitalParameter Security showed their expertise and skills by simulating a malicious hack that quickly exposed our weaknesses despite being HIPAA compliant. Their hackers were easy to work with and offered great explanations plus recommendations for their findings.”– Cassandra Smith, Hospital CEO


Compliance: A Good Start But Not Hacker-Proof
Hackers aren’t compliance experts, they’re hacking experts. They don’t know what is or what isn’t HIPAA compliant and they don’t care. All they know is how to get into your network and get the information they want. Compliance doesn’t stop hackers and they know it.

Technical Advisors for Health Care Turned Ethical Hackers
Sure, we have  information security experts who possess extensive backgrounds and deep understanding in the field of health care. Our Certified Ethical Hackers even served as technical advisors to various dental and medical practices and performed in such roles as Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers and IT Directors resulting in deep expertise and experience when it comes to HIPAA compliance. But when it comes down to it, that doesn’t matter.

In order to beat a hacker, you have to think like one. 

And that’s what we do. Parameter Security’s ethical hackers are uniquely trained to:

  • Emulate the minds and behaviors of hackers
  • Identify security weaknesses that hackers use to gain access
  • Test your technology and your employees
  • Simulate a real-world attack on your institution
  • Help you better protect yourself

Don’t become the next media headline. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do like this unfortunate hospital.

“Cooper University Hospital is investigating the circumstances surrounding a missing thumb drive. The thumb drive contained information with personal data about graduate medical education residents and fellows for the current and prior academic years. We have advised the residents and fellows who were advised to contact their local police. No other employee information was compromised. Further, No patient information or records were compromised. The incident was reported to the New Jersey State Police Cyber Crimes Unit on Friday, July 23, 2010 as per the state notification procedure. The hospital is conducting a thorough investigation and has initiated an aggressive plan to protect any personnel who could be affected by this potential security breach.”

Source: Statement from Cooper University Hospital via Katherine Scott, Reporter, ABC 6 Action News

Understand, if you want to be secure then you need to go beyond compliance. If you are secure then you are already compliant.