“A great experience. Parameter Security not only made me PCI compliant but more importantly, made me more secure – giving me and my customers peace of mind. This now allows me to focus solely on my business.”– Jamie Hogan, Business Owner

One-Fifth of Breached Entities Were PCI-Compliant
Supermarket chain Hannaford Bros. Inc. stunned the electronic-payments world when it revealed that it had passed its most recent audit for compliance with the Payment Card Industry data-security standard (PCI) before hackers breached its computer systems and compromised more than 4 million card numbers. In fact, 21% of breached entities subject to the PCI standards had been found to be compliant in their last annual assessment before their breaches, according to Verizon Business’s new 2010 Data Breach Investigations Report…

Source: Digital Transactions News

Hackers Halted by Compliance? Not.
PCI seems to be all we hear about these days but PCI DSS compliance isn’t keeping hackers at bay. Why? Hackers know that compliance regulations are a false sense of security. They are low-level security practices that allow industries to say “We’ve put information security regulations in place.” Hackers don’t care about compliance because compliance doesn’t keep them out.

Think About It…

  • Heartland Payment Systems
  • Wellpoint
  • Blippy’s
  • Aldaco
  • Argos
  • Savvis
  • And the list goes on

Technical Liasons for Credit Card Industry Now Ethical Hackers
Compliance is the first step in information security but not the only step. This is why Parameter Security was created. We are information security experts from the financial and credit card industries with rich backgrounds and deep expertise in credit card processing. Our ethical hackers have served as technical liaisons to various credit card organizations and even developed payment card compliance standards before PCI DSS even existed.

Whether you’re an online store, brick and mortar store, restaurant or any other retail entity, we’ll make sure you are compliant but more importantly, we’ll make sure you are secure.

The bottom line is this: Compliant is good. Secure is better. Let us help you attain both. Why? Because if you are secure, you are compliant.