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Pink Floyd star David Gilmour joins fight to halt extradition to US of hacker Gary McKinnon

This isn’t really security news. But I am a big Dave Gilmour fan and I love UFO stories so this is a great story for me.  As far as Gary McKinnon’s actions, I believe if NASA had UFO information they would most likely bury it.  But again hacking is still illegal.

Speaking of mysteries, does anyone remember this Floyd mystery?


PS.. If Mr Gilmour by chance reads this, I am free to jam whenever you are 🙂

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The Myth of the Virus Free Mac

Over the past few days I have seen a few of these new PC/Mac guys commericals.  While I am not a big fan of Apple (that is a discussion for another day) I do think these commercials are pretty funny.  These newest commercials have had some statements that made me stop and listen.  Cut to a woman looking for a PC (Yes windows/linux/macs are all PCs).  She says “I want a computer that doesn’t get viruses” and all of the ...

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Hackers launch phishing attack on Facebook users

Dave – You starting to see a trend??


By Jim Finkle

BOSTON (Reuters) – Hackers launched an attack on Facebook’s 200 million users on Thursday, successfully gathering passwords from some of them in the latest campaign to prey on members of the popular social networking site.

Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said on Thursday that the site was in the process of cleaning up damage from the attack.

He said that Facebook was blocking compromised accounts.

Schnitt declined to say how many accounts had been compromised.

The ...

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Social Networking making it easier for Hackers

Research from Kaspersky Lab shows malware on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace is 10 times more successful at infecting users than e-mail-based attacks. Enterprises and users need to adopt sound security practices to deal with the problem.
That hackers are using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace to launch attacks is no revelation. New statistics, however, show just how effective malware on social networking sites can be.

In its “Malware ...

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Twitter’s porn name game a hit with Hackers

Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam

Aurora Dizon

May 12, 2009 5:24 am

The “Twitter porn names” game, currently Twitter‘s top-trending topic (things that are twittered the most), may be a fun distraction that gives you and your friends something to tweet about. But it also has a security hole — one that is no technical snafu. It could be simple human error, but it’s also possible that this security hole is an example of truly sneaky social ...

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Anti-Virus Sites have XSS vulnerabilties??

XSS flaws found in sites of multiple anti-virus firms

Dirty half-dozen

Security researchers have revealed that the websites of no less than six anti-virus firms are vulnerable to cross-site scripting flaws, of a type that might lend themselves to phishing attacks.

Some of the firms involved have admitted problems, while others say the issues raised have either already been ...

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The FAA was successfully attacked

Note from Dave:  Soon I hope to start writing some more original content, until then I will continue to post hacker related news on here.  The reason I am post these articles is simple, Cyber Security is not an option.  Many businesses get it, others not so much.  If the FAA and the Pentagon can be successfully hacked,  how safe do you think you really are?  Better to understand your weaknesses and try to mitigate those vulnerabilities than to put ...

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FBI Probes Hacker’s $10 Million Ransom Demand for Stolen Medical Records

The FBI is investigating a $10 million ransom demand by a hacker or hackers who say they have stolen nearly 8.3 million patient records from a Virginia government Web site that tracks prescription drug abuse, an FBI official confirmed Wednesday.

The state police ...

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DDoS attacks on the rise.

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — The past few months has seen a rise in large distributed denial of service attacks which threaten to send entire countries offline, raising concerns among Internet security experts in the Internet infrastructure that help contribute to these attacks, according to a report by The Washington Post.

These DDoS attacks use botnets to send large amounts of spam to websites to the point where it cannot handle incoming traffic from its regular visitors.

In the past ...

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Walmart Data Breach – By Employees

Almost half of all malicous attacks are done by an internal entity.  Do your employees know how to protect their data?  Don’t guess, get security awareness training from Parameter (End Shameless Plug) 🙂

— Dave


Wal-Mart suffers breach in computer data
Monday, 20 April 2009 08:22
It has come to light that Wal-Mart has suffered a breach in its staff data ...
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