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Parameter Security Discusses Geo-Stalking with KSDK

Date: 11/3/16

Source: KSDK Newschannel 5

By: Rebecca Sheehan

Video: Click here.

Imagine it’s your day off so you go see a movie, or have lunch and do some shopping. But everywhere you go, you keep seeing the same person.

A disturbing 5 On Your Side investigation uncovered that you might not be imagining things. You could be a victim of geo-stalking, the latest high-tech crime.

The investigation started with an experiment. We walked into a St. Charles coffee shop, ordered a pumpkin spice latte, ...

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CSO Online Discusses Effective Security Awareness Programs with Parameter Security

Date: 9/13/16

Source: CSO Online

By: Kacy Zurkus

Story Link: Click Here

An hour long lecture once a year doesn’t do much for security awareness training

Employees at Axe Investment, the fictional firm of billionaire Bobby Axelrod in Showtimes new series, Billions, were downright angry when they learned that surprise SEC raid was only a test. Axelrod, though, found the mock raid fruitful as it revealed the internal weak links of his organization.

These are metrics that enterprises should be using to evaluate the success of their ...

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ShowMeCon Exposes How & Why Hackers Are Winning the War on Information Security

Expert Speakers Address the Current State of InfoSec

June 1, 2016: Saint Louis, MO – ShowMeCon, St. Louis’ premier hacking and information security conference, addresses real-world InfoSec issues as industry-leaders and hackers share their knowledge, experiences and expertise through presentations, demonstrations and hacks, June 13 & 14, 2016.

One of two keynote speakers, Kevin Johnson, CEO, Secure Ideas, will address the current state of InfoSec. Johnson will explore the ramifications of modern bug bounties and security research as well as the impact ...

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ShowMeCon Brings Industry-Recognized Speakers to St. Louis

Conference Continually Attracts the Best of the Best in Hacking and Information Security

May 18, 2016: Saint Louis, MO – Maintaining its cutting-edge reputation, ShowMeCon continues to bring industry-leading speakers to its two day hacking and information security conference, June 13 & 14, 2016. One of the many talented presenters is Dave Kennedy, Founder of TrustedSec, Binary Defense Systems and DerbyCon.

Kennedy’s talk highlights the gap between defense and offense and how changes in the industry, regarding the understanding of both offense ...

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ShowMeCon Brings True Hands-On Training to the Classroom Via Pre-Conference Classes

Gain Real-World Experience You Can Apply Immediately

May 4, 2016: Saint Louis, MO – ShowMeCon, St. Louis’ only premier hacking and information security conference is featuring pre-conference training brought to you by its co-host, Hacker University— a recognized leader and influencer in information security training. Hacker University offers technical courses including its very own Hands-On Hacking, as well as Social Engineering & Penetration Testing and Secure Routing and Switching.

“ShowMeCon’s pre-conference classes provide students with useful training needed for the real-world threats ...

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Parameter Security Awarded for Innovation, Success & Entrepreneurship

St. Charles County-based Firm Honored for Creating, Recruiting & Retaining Information Security Jobs in Community

(March 2, 2016) St. Louis, MO – Parameter Security, an ethical hacking and information security firm was honored as a successful, local entrepreneur today at the Economic Development Center’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Celebration Breakfast.

The first week of March is STEM Week in Missouri and includes recognition of a business that encompass STEM expanding education and job opportunities in the community. Today, during ...

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Hackers Unite in St. Louis for ShowMeCon 2016

Parameter Security Hosts Fourth Annual Hacking & Cyber Security Conference

February 22, 2016: Saint Louis, MO – “In order to beat a hacker, you have to think like one.” These are the words St. Louis-based, ethical hacking firm, Parameter Security, lives by and is the foundation on which ShowMeCon is built. By bringing the only hacking and cyber security conference to St. Louis, ShowMeCon will amaze, frighten and educate event-goers as they get an up-close look into the minds of hackers. ...

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CNBC: Parameter Hacker Discusses Apple vs. FBI

Date: 2/17/16

Source: CNBC; The Closing Bell

Link to Video: Click here

Head hacker, Dave Chronister, weighs in on the Apple versus FBI situation on CNBC.


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Executive Breakfast: PCI Compliance & Its Effects on Your Organization

St. Louis-based PCI ASV & QSA Firm Demystifies PCI Compliance So You Can Sleep at Night

(February 4, 2016) St. Louis, MO – Parameter Security, an ethical hacking and information security firm, is clarifying and debunking myths surrounding PCI DSS compliance via their upcoming executive breakfast. This event addresses the ever-looming questions companies have about this regulatory compliance and provides practical guidelines on how to become and remain compliant so you can avoid fines today and in the future.

Event-goers will ...

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Parameter Security Attains PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Certification

St. Louis-based Firm Approved Uses Its Sentinel Scanning Service to Validate Adherence with PCI DSS Standards

(January 18, 2016) St. Louis, MO – Parameter Security, an ethical hacking and information security firm, is proud to announce its Sentinel PCI scanning service has successfully completed the PCI Scanning Vendor Compliance Testing and Approved Scanning Vendor certification. This credential affords Parameter Security the authority to perform external vulnerability scanning services to validate adherence with the external scanning requirements of PCI Data Security Standard (PCI ...

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