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FOX NEWS: The Internet & Terrorism

Date: 12/16/15

Source: FOX NEWS

By: Christopher Snyder

Link: Click here

We weigh in at the end. Read below.


Trump Wants to Shut Parts of Internet to Fight ISIS

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is renewing his call to hit ISIS hard by “knocking the hell out” of the terror group’s Internet capabilities.

Trump told supporters at a rally in Mesa, Ariz. Wednesday that ” ISIS is using our Internet much better than our people,” which he said should alarm U.S. officials. “They are using the ...

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Chip In Credit Card: Are You Safer?

Date: 09/16/15

Source: KSDK News Channel 5

By: Mike Rush

Link: Click here

Parameter Security discusses whether or not you really are safer.


How the chip in your credit card will, and won’t, protect you

KSDK – You’ve probably noticed your shopping is starting to involve a lot less swiping of your credit card. By October, stores have to be ready to take cards with chips in them or they’ll be responsible for covering fraud.

It almost seems like a foregone conclusion, you shop, crooks steal.

“I have ...

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Software Updates: More Dangerous Than Hackers?

Date: 7/16/15

Source: Corporate Counsel

By: Marlisse Silver Sweeney

Link: Click here

Dave Chronister, professional hacker, gives his two cents.


Software Updates: More Dangerous Than Hackers?

When the news hit last week that United Airlines flights were grounded, the New York Stock Exchange was down and the Wall Street Journal’s website was malfunctioning, a confused panic ensued. Was this a coordinated cyberattack or just malfunctioning tech? “No matter how hack-like the situation seemed, all three companies and law enforcement have been adamant that bad actors ...

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Leaking Hacking Tools: Mayhem?

Date: 7/11/15

Source: Business Insider

Link: Click here

By: Natasha Bertrand

Our hacker, Dave Chronister, weighs in below.

A big leak of hacking tools is ‘causing a bit of mayhem right now’

A hefty cache of hacking tools were leaked to the masses this week when the controversial surveillance company Hacking Team was breached and 500 GB of its files were released for download on Twitter.

“The hacking team tools are of a much higher quality and are much more effective than anything hackers have ...

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ShowMeCon: Hacking Convention Comes to St. Louis Area

Date: 6/6/15

By: John Henry

Source: KSDK News Channel 5

Link: Click here

ST. CHARLES – A major hacking convention will soon begin in St. Charles.

More than 600 people are expected to show up for “ShowMeCon” at the Ameristar Casino Monday. Organizer Dave Chronister said the purpose of the event is to teach participants how to defend themselves from cyber-attacks.

Chronister describes himself as an “Ethical Hacker”. He said it’s his job to show corporations the vulnerabilities their computer systems may have.

“We’re teaching people ...

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SHOWMECON: Hacking & Cyber Security Conference, June 8 & 9


St. Louis’ ONLY Premier Hacking & Offensive Cyber Security Conference

Conference Dates: June 8 & 9, 2015
Pre-Con Training: June 3 – 7, 2015
Event Venue: Ameristar Casino & Resort
Monday Night Conference Party Theme – 80’s Throwback!  Hammer Time!

SHOWMECON. The name says it all. Known as the Show Me State, Missouri is home to St. Louis-based ethical hacking firm, Parameter Security, and ...

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MSNBC: A Hacker’s Perspective on Airplane Hack

Date: 5/18/15

By: Tamron Hall

Source: MSNBC

Link: Click Here for Video

The FBI is investigating an airline passenger’s claim he hacked into a plane’s control system from his seat and briefly took over the engines. Cyber Security Expert, Ethical Hacker and Founder of Parameter Security, Dave Chronister joins Tamron Hall. Chronister appears midway through the interview and wraps up the story with very good take-away points.

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CNBC: Parameter Security Discusses Venom

Date: 5/15/15

By: Cadie Thompson

Source: CNBC

Link: Click here

What you really need to know about Venom

Heartbleed. Shellshock. And now Venom.

The names for cyber vulnerabilities keep getting scarier. But the latest threat, dubbed Venom, isn’t going to cause as much trouble as the hype might lead you to believe.

While Venom has the potential to cause widespread catastrophe, it’s unlikely to cause the same mess as Heartbleed because fixes are already taking place, security researchers ...

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Ethical Hacker Network: Behind the Curtains of Ethical Hacking

Date: 5/5/15

By: Don Donzal

Source: Ethical Hacker Network

Link to Story: Click Here
Have you ever seen a speaker at a security conference, an expert being interviewed on television about the latest cyber attack or an instructor at a whiteboard with the breadth of knowledge one should have when putting your career in their hands? Have you ever wondered what it took for those people to get where they are? Now just imagine all of those people wrapped up into a ...

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Hackers Unite in St. Louis for ShowMeCon 2015

Parameter Security hosts third annual hacking & cyber security conference

March 25, 2015: Saint Louis, MO “In order to beat a hacker, you have to think like one.” These are the words St. Louis-based, ethical hacking firm, Parameter Security, lives by and is the foundation on which ShowMeCon is built. By bringing the only hacking and offensive cyber security conference to St. Louis, ShowMeCon will amaze, frighten and educate event-goers as they get an up-close look into the minds of ...

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