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Fox Business: Parameter on Hillary Clinton Email Debate

Date: 3/12/15

Source: Varney & Co.; Fox Business

Link to Video: Click Here

Lead hacker of Parameter Security, Dave Chronister, comments on Hillary Clinton email scandal.

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ShowMeCon: St. Louis’ Premier Hacking & Cyber Security Con – June 8 & 9


St. Louis’ ONLY Premier Hacking & Offensive Cyber Security Conference

Conference Dates: June 8 & 9, 2015
Pre-Con Training: June 3 – 7, 2015
Event Venue: Ameristar Casino & Resort
Click to register.

SHOWMECON. The name says it all. Known as the Show Me State, Missouri is home to St. Louis-based ethical hacking firm, Parameter Security, and security training company, Hacker University. Together, they are bringing you a one-of-a-kind event that will Show You the ...

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KSDK: Website Hack from Hacker’s Point of View

Date: 3/6/15

Sourse: KSDK News Channel 5 Television

Link to Story: Click here

Dave Chronister, lead hacker at Parameter Security, discusses recent website hacks of two local companies.

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FOX NEWS talks with Parameter Regarding Anthem Breach

Date: 2/5/15

Source: FOX NEWS

Link: Click here

Parameter’s head hacker, Dave Chronister, discusses recent Anthem health care breach with FOX NEWS.

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Sony Hack: A Hacker’s Point of View

Date: 12/17/14

Source: CTV, Canada

Link: Click here

Our lead hacker, Dave Chronister, speaks out on the Sony hack from a hacker’s point of view. Chronister comments on whether or not he believes North Korea is behind the attack.

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CEH & CHFI: Both for $3,000 or One for $1,900

Attend both CEH & CHFI Classes for ONLY $3,000!
(Or attend one class for only $1,900)

CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker v8
This 5 day bootcamp is a comprehensive ethical hacking course focusing on the latest security threats, advanced attack vectors and practical demonstrations of the latest hacking techniques, methodologies, tools, tricks and offensive security measures.

Includes courseware, hands-on labs, study guide, certificate of completion, test voucher, test proctoring at a later date and more.

• January 12 – January 16, 2015

CHFI: Certified Hacking ...

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ShellShock Vulnerability – What you need to know.

ShellShock Vulnerability – What you need to know.

As you may have heard, a new vulnerability has been announced that could potentially be a very serious issue for many users.  It is being called the Bash bug or Shell Shock.  This is considered a Zero day.  This means that exploits that take advantage of the vulnerability have been released before the vulnerability was patched.  Please  note that this issue is rapidly evolving.  In the 4 hours it took the Parameter Crew to drive to Louisville KY for DerbyCon, ...

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KSDK Talks With Parameter: Russian Hackers Have Passwords. Now What?

Date: 8/6/14

Source: KSDK Channel 5

Written By: Art Holliday

Link to Video: Click Here

ST. LOUIS – It’s time to change your password.

In the biggest security breach yet, a gang of Russian hackers has stolen over a billion usernames and passwords, putting bank accounts and credit card information at risk.

The immediate fix is to change your password on a regular basis, but for some, being proactive with passwords seems like a losing battle against relentless hackers.

“Part of it is the hassle because ...

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Russian Hack Prompts Fox 2 To Ask Parameter How To Stay Safe Online

Date: 8/6/14

Source: Fox 2 KTVI, St. Louis

Written By: Paul Schankman

Link to Video: Click Here

ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – A group of Russian hackers has stolen more than one-billion internet usernames and passwords.

And while that is not the shocker it used to be, it is still unsettling, especially since in this case the Milwaukee-based security company that discovered the Russian-based hack is not releasing the names of the websites that have been hit.

So what ...

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KFVS TV & Parameter: How to Absorb Being Hacked by Russian Hackers

Date: 8/6/14

Source: KFVS Channel 12 TV

Written By: Allison Twaits

Link to Video: Click here

(KFVS) – A Milwaukee-based cyber security company says cyber thieves stole 1.2 billion username and password combinations.

A company based in St. Louis that specializes in Cyber Security, Parameter Security, says there’s no way to know if your information has been hacked and the breach is so large, it’s safe to assume you’ve been affected.

The gang targeted people and companies.

Security experts say once the hackers found a person ...

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