Executive Breakfast: PCI Compliance & Its Effects on Your Organization

St. Louis-based PCI ASV & QSA Firm Demystifies PCI Compliance So You Can Sleep at Night

(February 4, 2016) St. Louis, MO – Parameter Security, an ethical hacking and information security firm, is clarifying and debunking myths surrounding PCI DSS compliance via their upcoming executive breakfast. This event addresses the ever-looming questions companies have about this regulatory compliance and provides practical guidelines on how to become and remain compliant so you can avoid fines today and in the future.

Event-goers will discover:

  • Who has to follow PCI DCC Compliance regulations
    (Hint: It is not only those storing card holder data)
  • What are YOUR requirements under PCI?
    (Processing 1 credit card vs. 1 million credit card transactions)
  • Why outsourcing credit card processing DOESN’T exempt you from PCI compliance
  • Why it is important to follow PCI by filing appropriate forms
    (Despite whether or not you’re asked to file; Even if you’re going to fail)
  • Gain efficient & effective strategies to reduce burden of PCI compliance
  • And much more eye-opening information so you don’t get fined

Parameter Security is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) which affords them the ability to validate an entity’s adherence to PCI DSS for all level 1 through 4 merchants and service providers. Additionally, Parameter Security is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and uses its Sentinel Scanning Service to validate adherence with PCI DSS Standards for clients nationwide.

As a PCI QSA and ASV, Parameter Security witnesses firsthand the many client concerns and misunderstandings surrounding this regulation. “Because clients come to us with many of the same questions and concerns about PCI compliance, we decided to host this breakfast to shed light on PCI compliance and answer attendee questions. Our goal is to have attendees walk away with a clearer understanding and conscience so they can sleep at night knowing they are truly PCI compliant,” said Renee Chronister, CEO, Parameter Security.

The event will be held on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at The Coronado located at 3701 Lindell Blvd., #174, St. Louis, MO 63108. Registration is 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. with the presentation following from 9 a.m. to 11a.m and includes a premium continental breakfast. The cost is $99 per person.

Please contact Suzanne to RSVP at 314.442.0472 or email to info <at> parametersecurity <dot> com by March 9th to register. Space is limited.

About Parameter Security
Parameter Security™, an ethical hacking firm, was born out of the need to help protect our businesses, government, health care, financial and educational institutions and various organizations globally from vicious hackers. As Certified Ethical Hackers, we emulate the minds and behaviors of malicious hackers to test the security of your systems and employees. What makes us different is that we use the information gathered to empower you by explaining how we gained access to your sensitive data, the type of information we retrieved and offer recommendations on how to improve your overall information security. Parameter Security offers IT compliance audits (PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, NERC, etc.), penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, social engineering, wireless security audits, secure code reviews, security training, computer forensics and more. For more information, contact us at 314.442.0472.