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Helping our clients since 2006

Parameter Security has helped organizations strengthen their information security by protecting against malicious threats. Today our experts work with businesses in a wide variety of sectors and industries to keep their data and information safe

Areas of Expertise

Assessment Services

Our penetration testing services ensure your network, web applications, and mobile applications are protected from malicious attacks. We probe your entire technical environment for leakages of sensitive information, resulting in a comprehensive, actionable report that documents compromised machines, techniques used, data and services impacted, and how you can remediate vulnerabilities and issues.

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Digital Forensics / Incident Response

From intellectual property litigation to complex network intrusions, Parameter Security’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response team (DFIR) is ready to help. Our team of experienced Forensic Investigators will help you identify, acquire, and examine the necessary data, resulting in efficient and effective investigations.

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Virtual CISO

By serving as your virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), Parameter Security can identify security requirements, determine your organization’s risk tolerance, and ensure proper policies and procedures are in place. As your external information-security executive, our team can develop and implement strategies that place your organization’s information-security program miles ahead of your competition.

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