Financial Services

“We went with Parameter Security because they are IT experts Bank_2and ethical hackers. They gave us piece of mind through comprehensive network risk assessments and vulnerability testing. We appreciate having Parameter Security as a business partner.

– Dave Shores, Vice President of Banking & Operations


Something Doesn’t Add Up
Many financial institutions use accounting firms to conduct their IT audits. Our question to you is why? You wouldn’t have a foot doctor conduct brain surgery on you, would you? Then why would you have an accountant do your IT audit?

Born Out of the Banking Industry
Sure, we understand GLBA compliance and have even been in your shoes. Parameter Security was actually created by Certified Community Banking Technology Officers (CCBTO), IT Directors from holding companies and major financial institutions as well as IT Security Auditors. After too many IT audits conducted by accounting firms, useless recommendations and much wasted money, we came to realize an IT security audit firm with IT security experts was truly needed and that being GLBA compliant didn’t mean we were secure.

We began asking ourselves the following questions after each GLBA audit and each answer was a resounding “no.”

  • Did they simulate a real-world attack as a hacker would?
  • Are they trained to think and behave like a malicious attacker?
  • Were vulnerabilities verified?
  • Did they leverage competitive intelligence?
  • Did they penetrate the firewall?
  • Do they have expertise in IT and hacking?
  • Did they give proper recommendations on information security?

That’s when we came to realize: In order to beat a hacker you have to think like one.

And that’s why we are Certified Ethical Hackers. Hackers don’t care about compliance and they know compliance consists of low-level security measures. Because of this, they can easily access the data they are seeking which results in your financial institution becoming a media headline. But you were compliant, right? Try explaining that to your customers.

Here’s the deal…If you want to be secure then you need to go beyond compliance. Sure, we can make you GLBA compliant but we’d prefer to make you secure. Because if you’re secure then you are already compliant.