Professional Services

“After seeing all the media headlines about security dude_2breaches, I didn’t want to become the next headline. Parameter Security was AMAZING. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to hacking, security and compliance. I can sleep better at night knowing they helped me become more secure.”

– Allison Stewart, Lawyer

We Are Losing the War Against Hackers

When it comes to professional services, headlines are only half the story as demonstrated below.

Between April 2009 and June 2010, the computer systems of some Destination Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (DHR) hotels were access without authorization. As a result, credit or debit card information, including guests’ card numbers and expiration dates, may have been subjected to unauthorized access by third parties. This incident affected 22 DHR properties in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Washington…

Source: New Hampshire Attorney General Breach Notification

But What About Security Breaches That Aren’t Reported?

The number of breaches that go unreported are far more than we’d care to imagine. Hackers are growing smarter every day. They don’t care about compliance, ethics or businesses’ reputations, they care about getting into your network and stealing sensitive data they can use for various means. And the war against hackers is getting uglier.

While compliance is a step in the right direction, it does not protect you from hackers – despite popular opinion. How do we know?

  • Compliance regulations are low-level security practices
  • Our hackers penetrate these security measures daily
  • Regulators are not IT experts or hackers
  • We are hackers and IT experts

Compliance is Only a Step in the Right Direction
While SOX, PCI DSS & GLBA compliance are a good start, we can definitely make you compliant but it is just that – a start. We want to take you beyond the start and move you to the end where you can be as secure as possible.

Parameter Security’s ethical hackers are not only certified but trained to act and think like the bad guys. We simulate an actual, real-world hack to identify weaknesses a hacker can use to exploit. By gaining this information, we then show you how we got in, what data we retrieved and how to better protect yourself. Whether you are a law firm, accounting firm, real estate agency, hotel, restaurant, technology company, marketing organization, consulting firm, etc. we can help.

The bottom line is this: We can make you compliant but we’d prefer to make you secure. If you want to be secure, go beyond compliance. Why? If you’re secure then you are already compliant.