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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Parameter Security vCISO offering is designed to assist your organization identify security requirements, determine organizational risk tolerance, and ensure proper policies and procedures are in place. This executive level service will work with your organization to determine the proper security strategies as well as determine a road map for implementation.

vCISO includes:

• Develop Annual Security Strategy plan

• Develop Organization Security Roadmap

• Identify Organizational Security Requirements

• Determine Organizational Risk Tolerance

• Regulatory compliance mapping

• Gap Analysis of policies, standards, and procedures

• Annual Risk Assessment

• Infosec Vulnerability Analysis

• Identify and classify Data, Data Owners, and Stakeholders

• Monthly status calls

• Quarterly Strategy Status meetings



Virtual Governance Risk Compliance

vGRC provides guidance and expertise to help your organization determine proper security strategies, vGRC provides the expertise to run your security program. Ensuring your security program is properly implemented and followed throughout your organization, vGRC takes the pain out of compliance. Our team of experts will work with your employees to ensure they understand their part in the day to day implementation of your security program. We also empower them to be able to incorporate your security program into their jobs

vGRC includes:

• All vCISO services

• Controls Identification, map to compliance requirements

• Data Flow Assessments

• Manage Vendor Due Diligence Program

• Manage Incident Response / Disaster Recovery Program

• Security Awareness Program

• Annual Phishing Assessments

• Weekly Status Calls

• Annual regulatory readiness assessment



Virtual Security Operations

Born out of Parameter’s Ethical Hacking roots, our vSecOps team are technical experts who are dedicated to ensure your technical environment is secured. From regular vulnerability scans to annual penetration assessments, the vSecOps team will provide your IT group with the information they need to better secure your technical environment.

vSecOps includes:

• All vCISO and vGRC services

• Annual Penetration Assessments

• Annual Web Application Security Assessments

• Network Asset Discovery

• Managed vulnerability scanning

• Managed Exception Tracking

• Organizational Password Assessments

• Weekly Status Calls