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Parameter Security Celebrates 15 Years in the InfoSec Business

When I was a kid, the idea of being a technology professional didn’t appeal to me, which was strange considering how many hours I spent in front of the family computer. In the early 80s, personal computers (PCs) were very new and the dream PC at the time, for a kid at least, was a Commodore 64 with all the games.

House of the Dragon: Optimizing Search Results for an Article Actually About PCI-DSS Myths

Is it actually clickbait if I disclose I used clickbait in the first sentence?? While some might say yes, I would argue that my readers are discerning enough to see through the ruse. Can you fault me for trying to learn the rules and ensure that I am not only in compliance with them, but also using them to my advantage?

vCISO? - How to Avoid Buying Christmas Dinner for Your Information Security Guru

I’ve been doing Information Technology work for a long time. Starting with a volunteer job teaching how to use personal computers in 1984, through my time in the Marines, becoming a professional information security trainer, network consultant, on to head of Information Security...

PCI DSS v4.0 has arrived! How the changes affect you and your organization

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council released its updated version of its Data Security Standards on March 31, 2022, its first update since version 3.2.1 in 2018. PCI DSS v4.0’s larger goals include: Encouraging security practices to evolve as threats change...