The team at Parameter is passionate about partnering with clients to manage risk and compliance associated with their Security Programs. We conduct detailed assessments of client information security programs, provide advisory services to strengthen InfoSec practices, and guide clients to better understand their technology, people, and processes from a cybersecurity perspective. We invite those who share our values to join the Parameter Security Team.

Parameter Values

Want to be motivated and challenged with a purpose at work? Join a team that shares your core values.

Good People

Do you strive to make a positive impact on the world around you? Would you like to work on a team that, like you, is motivated to do good in the world everyday?


Do you enjoy finding the best way to solve a problem? Are you able to find unique solutions to challenges?


Are you capable of working independently? Do you also enjoy collaborating with a team and having others rely on you? Want to work as an ally with Parameter Security clients?


Want to create a more ethical world? Is integrity a core value for you? Are you trustworthy and interested in helping companies develop trust?

Then join the Parameter Team!

Share your passion with us about your area of expertise and how that aligns with Parameter Security’s mission for highly relational risk management beyond compliance.

Working at Parameter Security

Parameter is headquartered in the St. Louis metro area with team members and clients nationwide. We enjoy working virtually but also travel to client sites and for team initiatives as needed. At Parameter, we encourage our team members to work to live, not live to work. We recruit team members who are driven in their roles and are passionate about their work. When your work for the day is done, you log off and enjoy your hobbies, family, and other life passions.

Contract Positions Available

As a growing cybersecurity advisory and assessment company, we maintain a bench of highly qualified InfoSec professionals and are always looking for talented contractors to join our team.

When working on a Parameter Security engagement, all contractors must be available at least 20 hours per week in addition to fulfilling the responsibilities and meeting the qualifications for a specific contract position.

If you have some additional capacity for professional challenge and more money, these positions could be a good fit for you:

Network Penetration Assessors
Web Application Assessor

Want to team up with Parameter Security?

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