Network Penetration Assessor

Penetration assessors must have deep technical expertise in the processes, procedures, tools and methodology for assessing IT security risk. This role require someone who can think independently and work independently to assess the risk of our clients. Parameter Security assessors strive to investigate client networks and applications beyond what automated tools can discover.

Network Penetration Assessors are expected to not only test and assess networks and systems but also articulate findings to clients via written and oral reports and presentations. Assessors will be required to demonstrate system and network vulnerabilities to clients as well as provide information to help clients understand associated impacts and risk.

Responsibilities of a Penetration Assessor at Parameter Security

  • Handle the configuration, use, and technical troubleshooting of all security testing tools, including creating customized configurations and scripts as needed to complete testing engagements.
  • Validate target lists and perform discovery scans of target system subnets to verify assets and scope.
  • Validate, analyze, and enrich results generated by automated testing tools. Parameter judges vulnerabilities beyond what automated tools produce. Assessors are expected to critically analyze vulnerabilities and determine appropriate risk ratings. Example activities include the identification of false positive findings and adjustment of finding severities based on system-specific system considerations.
  • Participate in findings meetings to review and provide input on the validity of system stakeholder responses to findings.

Qualifications of a Parameter Penetration Assessor

  • At least 2 years of experience performing penetration audits in an professional position
  • Intricate technical knowledge of Linux, Windows, TCP/IP, SQL, Web Servers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills enabling the assessor to prepare and present recommendations to senior management
  • Ability to present complex technical concepts in business terms, both verbally and in writing Pen testing certification (OSWE, GWAPT, ETC)
  • Distraction free work environment with a stable internet connection

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