Sales Development Rep
So, what’s this sales job about?

  • Do you want to close a lot of sales and make a lot of money?
  • Do you want to help companies solve important regulatory and cybersecurity challenges?
  • Do you enjoy developing strong, long-term, trusting relationships with colleagues and clients?
  • Are you intrigued by how businesses depend on complex technology?
  • Do you want to land with an established company for long-term stability?
  • Do you want a sales role where you work directly with the company leaders?
  • Do you take pride in being associated with a reputable and dependable company?

If so, then we have the job for you.

You want a basic list of responsibilities?
Sure. Here ya go:

  • Aggressive prospecting for new opportunities in clearly defined target market
  • Participate in networking & attend events for lead generation
  • Follow-up & advance leads sourced by you, partner referrals, or inbound initiatives
  • Establish trusting relationships with prospects from first conversation through close
  • Collaborate closely with integrated Marketing team members
  • Manage contacts, deals and activities using Hubspot
  • Develop and issue thoughtful and thorough proposals using Proposify

Bottom line - if you're an aggressive hunting sales person with a huge drive to succeed and a strong commitment to protecting your reputation with your client relationships - we have the opportunity for you.

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