Contract Network Penetration and Web Application Assessors
Contracted InfoSec Expertise

Penetration assessments at Parameter Security require strong technical and analytical skills to assess risks in complex technology environments. If you are an InfoSec professional with some additional capacity for Network Penetration or Web Application Assessments, we want to talk.

  • Maybe you have a full time job in Information Security and just want a side hustle for extra challenge and more money.
  • Maybe you only want to work part time or already work as an independent consultant and Parameter can provide additional project work.

As a growing cybersecurity advisory and assessment company, we maintain a bench of highly qualified InfoSec consultants with capacity to contract for client projects as needed.

Positions Available for Contracting

Parameter assessors strive to investigate client networks and applications beyond what automated tools can discover.  Assessors will be required to demonstrate to clients not only that a vulnerability exists but be able to provide information that helps clients understand associated impacts and risks.  

All contractors must be available at least 20 hours per week when working on a Parameter Security Engagement in addition to fulfilling the responsibilities and meeting the qualifications for a specific contract position.

Current Open Positions at Parameter Security
Network Penetration Assessors

Test and assess networks and systems as well as articulate findings to clients.

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Web Application Assessor

Test and assess client web applications as well as articulate findings to clients.

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